Beginner's Guide To bounce

I have to admit, I’m obsessed with our bounce classes at D E F I N E. If anyone knows me, they know it’s my favorite thing to teach!

But first, what exactly is D E F I N E bounce?

bounce is a fun, high-energy, fat-burning, 45-minute interval cardio class of strength building for body, mind, and heart.

A Few Other Facts:

  • bounce keeps the heart rate & calorie burn high, because we are on and off the trampoline every 1 or 2 songs.
  • bounce is great for building strong, lean muscles because it incorporates elements of the DEFINE body classes.
  • bounce keeps me coming back for more every time, because it’s always a slightly different workout and is always energizing.

When D E F I N E Founder, Henry Richardson, debuted the classes in the spring of this year, I was immediately hooked. bounce became my favorite workout for two reasons: it’s FUN and incredibly effective.

Looking back, I realize my mindset helped me jump in so quickly, taking lots of classes and signing up for the first round of instructor training.

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you’re considering bounce:

  1. I always tell clients not to take themselves too seriously: We’re a bunch of adults jumping on TRAMPOLINES! So really, take it easy.  bounce, like most things in life, is not about being perfect. It’s about doing your best and enjoying the ride. So, jump in and don’t worry about if you’re “doing it right.” You’re “doing it right” if you showed up and had a good time!
  2. If you’re nervous about trying something new, no worries, we’ve all been there. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned through trying bounce, meditation, or a new language for the first time is this: it pays sometimes to be comfortable with a little uncertainty. As in, I didn’t know what to expect the first time, or the first few times I took bounce. I wondered what would come next, what it would be like, or if I could even make it through the first class. Would I be able to keep up with the beat? The fun started when I let all that go and did what we do best at D E F I N E: focus on the moment, and give my all to the here and now.
  3. You can always personalize the workout for your body and your day. I like to quote Henry by saying this: “One of the best things I could ever hope to teach you is to listen to your body, and to be empowered to do what it asks.” I tell clients if they prefer the longer count that I offer, take it. If you feel like pulsing, go for it. If you need to slow anything down or increase your range of motion, please do that! Your body is a much better teacher than I could ever hope to be. What your body says you need wins out over my suggestions any day. So don’t be afraid of “not being able to do it all.” You’re going to do exactly what your body says it needs, which is exactly the workout YOU need.
  4. The mind-body connection is more powerful than you may think. One of my favorite ways to teach is to use visualization. For example, when my clients are doing leg lifts in a body or bounce class, I tell them to imagine they’re pulling their heels through the sand. “See a groove in the sand get deeper each time as you lift and lengthen your leg each time.” They’re usually surprised at how much more effective the workout is with these small tweaks. The same is true for our mindset around taking a class. By looking for the humor, or for things to enjoy in class, as well as focusing on how to give your best to each set or rep, we avoid any negative self-talk or distractions about our to-do lists.
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Whether you’ve tried bounce once several months ago or are a first timer, remember in a sense that we’re all beginners each day. You probably have more in common with the person on the trampoline next to you than you may expect. So introduce yourself, laugh at how ridiculous it is that we’re all on trampolines and enjoy what’s next.

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Sharon Rice

D E F I N E Instructor based in Houston: body, bounce, & rev CLICK HERE to check out my latest bounce playlist.