Join Chef Ash Agnite, a French Cuisine & Pastry trained, Ecocentric/Plant-Based Chef in a 3 hour Halloween inspired workshop. Chef Ash will be taking some popular Halloween/Fall Meals &  desserts and recreating them with healthy, superfood ingredients that are nutritionally functional & just as delicious (if not more delicious) as your old favorites! She will be giving a step by step demonstration on mindful cuisine/dessert making & decorating for the season.

The goal of the workshop is to provide you with new techniques and healthy sugar/sweetening alternatives in cooking and baking to use for your fall season creations. A lot of people associate Halloween with unhealthy candy and desserts, well, guess what? We’re going to be SO HEALTHY it’s SCARY & you’re still going to love every delicious bite!

Processed//white sugar is the leading cause of obesity and Diabetes in the U.S. This workshop will give you the knowledge and skills needed so you never have to use or consume processed white sugar in your Halloween desserts again!

What do you get at the workshop?

  • Hands on experience in Chefing & Dessert making for the fall season with a Halloween theme
  • Recipe Cards for all Recipes included
  • 3 Savory Recipes – 1 side dish –  2 Dessert Recipes
  • Sugar Alternatives Handout
  • Fun, useful experience in the kitchen & a belly full of delicious food


If you have any questions please feel free to send Chef Ash an email at!

***Most of the recipes involved will have tree nuts, please email us with your food allergy if you have any & still would like to attend

Price: $65 pp. (Auto-renew not applied)

Time: 12pm-3pm