3 Drinks I’m Always Sipping On To Maintain My Healthy Lifestyle


I am a very big believer of the concept of what you put in your body can make or break your health. I’m all about a healthy lifestyle and strive to balance keeping my body in shape in conjunction with my overall health. If you are investing time and money into classes and fitness training, you need to also be supporting your body with what you put in it. I have a quite a few simple teas and concoctions that I am constantly sipping on. Today, I want to share three staple drinks that I include in my daily routine. 

1. Local Honey and Lemon water (sometimes with Apple Cider Vinegar ):

This concoction has been popular for quite some time and I have found so many benefits from it. Some of the benefits include cleaning the digestive system, nourishing the liver, and aiding in body detox. It has also helped me maintain a healthy weight and keeps my skin glowing (not to mention that it replaced my dependency on coffee).  I use local honey that I get from the farmers market to combat seasonal allergens, but I will also swap out Manuka honey, which is a whole other blog post in itself. I add the honey and lemon to hot water and it makes a nice warm tea. I try to do it every morning but will drink it at night if I’m feeling a sore throat coming on. 

2. Bone Broth:

I re-discovered bone broth this year. It’s an old world broth made with chicken and/or turkey bones. My mom used to make it from scratch when I was little, but I recently found a good one at Whole Foods too! Bone broth has so many benefits including overcoming food intolerances and allergies, improving joint health, reducing cellulite, and boosting the immune system. I find it really helps when I’m feeling under the weather. You can use is as the base of a soup also, but I just heat it with rosemary and a bit of pink Himalayan salt and sip on it like a tea. 


3.  Pressed Juice:

It’s no secret that pressed juice is kind of the bomb. Sometimes, I just don’t have that recommend daily veggies intake I should and honesty I can’t stand it if I don’t get some fresh greens in my body every day. Grabbing a fresh pressed juice is my favorite way to get the benefits of fruits and vegetables. I’ll totally grab a DEFINE pressed juice right after a class to reap all its benefits. If you need more hydration, coconut water is an amazing way to rehydrate and get all those needed electrolytes back into your body. 

I hope that I’ve inspired you to introduce these into your diets to experience the same benefits! Good luck and happy sippin’.


Chiara Casiraghi

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