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Welcome to DEFINE: River Oaks! A fitness studio specializing in yoga, barre and spin classes. We're happy you're here. This is the place to keep up on all the happenings in our studio: you'll find River Oak's class schedule and be able to register for classes, check out info on our special workshops and learn more about our wonderful staff. For more information, contact us here!

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DEFINE Runner's Workshop with Jennifer Harkins Next held on Sun, Nov 23, 2014 at 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
This enrollment runs from Sun Nov 23, 2014 - Sun Nov 23, 2014
Racing a marathon, half marathon, or a 10k is an amazing feat. It takes lots of mental and physical determination. If you’re not careful, it also wreak havoc on the body. Keep your body healthy for optimal performance through the DEFINE Runner's Workshop. 
This workshop will combine elements of our body, mind and yoga classes to alleviate tension within the cellular walls of the very same muscles used for training.
Your kinetic chain from hips, to knees to ankles will benefit from a routine that will not only lengthen the muscle but helps with range of motion, muscles tightness, flexibility and ultimately physical performance.
If you want to go the distance in your upcoming race, go the extra mile and take care of your body.
Running or tennis shoes are required for this workshop.
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